Pregnancy Hair Care

A Guide to Hair Care during Pregnancy from Fringe Benefits Hair Salon in Gloucester

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for mothers-to-be, but pregnancy also has its fair share of challenges.

Some expectant mums sail through pregnancy while others suffer from a wide variety of pregnancy issues, the most common being morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue and swollen ankles.

At Fringe Benefits Hairdressing Salon in Gloucester we also recognise that pregnancy and fluctuating hormones can change your hair.  You may also have your own hair concerns such as ‘can I colour my hair when pregnant?’, ‘are hair smoothing chemicals safe on pregnant women?’ and ‘should pregnant women perm their hair?

If in any doubt, please consult your GP with your pregnancy issues or concerns.


Can I Colour My Hair When Pregnant?

Most mums-to-be prefer to wait until their 13th week of pregnancy before colouring their hair. 

However, the NHS says that most research into dyeing hair during pregnancy, whilst limited, generally shows that it is safe to colour your hair when pregnant as the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low. 

You can check out what the NHS has to say about colouring your hair when pregnant by clicking here.

If you decide to colour your hair during pregnancy, consider highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent dyes during pregnancy rather than a full head of hair colour as these treatments will have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes.

Similar advice exists if you want to perm your hair while pregnant or you are considering having a straightening or smoothing hair treatment during pregnancy

Talk to your experienced Fringe Benefits hair stylist for advice on the best course of action for great hair during pregnancy.

Hair Problems During Pregnancy

The good news is that many women experience thick, glossy, luxurious hair during pregnancy.   This is because your levels of oestrogen are much higher which prolongs the hair growth phase.  Just look at the beautiful hairstyles on Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, fashionista Kim Kardashian who’s teased her fringe into a cute quiff and pregnant supermodel Lara Stone.

Of course, your fluctuating hormones may also cause havoc with your hair.  Your hair texture or moisture levels may change so if you notice your hair becoming unusually greasy or dry and brittle, come and talk to our professional hairstyling team at Fringe Benefits Hair Salon in Gloucester for advice.  The solution could be as simple as changing to the ‘right’ hair shampoo or conditioner.

Once the baby arrives some women experience some hair loss.  Again, do come and talk to our experts at Fringe Benefits for help and advice.

The Perfect Hairstyle During Pregnancy

Is there a perfect hair style for pregnant women?  Here at Fringe Benefits & La Bella Beauty in Gloucester we know we can find the perfect hairstyle for every client –pregnant or otherwise.

During maternity your hormones are ‘up and down’so speak to your hair stylist before making any drastic hairstyle changes during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant with long hair you can easily experiment with different ways of putting your hair up and still look amazing. Check out Evan Rachel Wood’s simply slicked back pregnancy hair style, pregnant Kourtney Kardashian’s on-trend messy plait and Peaches Geldof’s casual up-style.

For more on hairstyle services in Gloucester, take a look at our hairstyles at Fringe Benefits and look gorgeous with a new hairstyle.

Hair Ideas for New Mums

When baby arrives the very LAST thing on your mind is your hair!  You’re probably so sleep deprived you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and a search party needs to be deployed to locate your hairbrush!

Most new mums want a hair style that is quick and easy.  Believe it or not, it is easier to style your hair when they’re tiny and they don’t go anywhere (some babies even sleep to the sounds of a hairdryer!).  Once they’re on the move you’ll have less time to spend on blow drying and curling your locks. 

Hair upstyles are great for busy mums.  You can easily braid or plait your hair, put your hair into a high ponytail or use an ingenious bun ring to create professional looking hair

If you’d prefer a shorter hairstyle come and talk to us at Fringe Benefits Hairdressers in Gloucester so we can find a low-maintenance hairstyle that will suit your face shape.

Check out these great new mum hairstyles which really suit Alesha Dixon, Katie Holmes and Selma Blair.

Pregnancy Beauty Treatments at La Bella Beauty Spa in Gloucester

Speak to any new mum and she’ll tell you that you need to make time for yourself.  Ask your partner or a trusted family member or friend to look after your new addition for an hour or so and pop in to Fringe Benefits & La Bella Beauty in Gloucester for a spot of well-deserved pampering!

Our beauty experts at La Bella Beauty can help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and gorgeous with a facial or special pregnancy massage, or pamper your nails with a manicure, pedicure or gel nails.   Click here to find out about our half price Environ Facial offer.

Pick out a gorgeous nail colour and get your nails buffed and polished to perfection, check out our manicures and nails at La Bella Beauty.

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