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Achieving the best hair cuts and hairstyle comes with knowing your client’s needs, personality and lifestyle.  At Fringe Benefits hair salon in Gloucester every client starts their journey towards the perfect hair cut and hairstyle with a professional consultation, allowing us to find out a little about you as a person and your lifestyle.  This relaxed informal chat will enable you to talk through your desired hair cuts and hairstyle and allow us the opportunity to give you professional advice.  We understand how a great hairstyle can change the way you look and feel so we discuss every stage with you to achieve the best hair cuts possible.

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Great hair cuts every day

At Fringe Benefits, we strive daily to create the perfect hair cuts for all our clients.  Creating fantastic hair cuts and styles requires many technical skills but also observational too.  We take into account your face shape, the balance of your facial features and styles that will compliment and enhance your natural look.  Our team are all trained to the highest levels including the use of many tools available to them that will enable the creation of a fantastic, professional hair cut.

Scissors, clippers and razors will change the shape of the hair and also add:

  • more volume – to create body and density
  • texture – creating a choppy, smooth or blunt style
  • movement – sleek, wavy or smooth

Hair Designers will use all these techniques to create the perfect hair cuts as the direction the hair grows, hair density and texture varies between your crown, fringe neck and sides of the hair.


Which haircut or hairstyle will enhance my features?

The latest hair trends, in magazines, on celebrities and the big screen leave us all wanting to follow suit and stay ahead of the fashion game.  However, just like the latest fashions might not be suitable for every shape and size, the same can be said for the latest fashions when it comes to hair cuts. At Fringe Benefits, we use our expertise to advise on hairstyles that are on-trend and hair cuts that will compliment and improve.  Some cutting techniques can cleverly disguise and minimise strong facial and body features such as:

  • Play down a prominent nose by cutting softer, graduated sides with hair swept onto the face
  • Elongate a short neck by using graduation techniques
  • Compliment long and oval face shapes with soft waves or short textured cuts with extra width

We have the best hairstyles for your face shape whether your face is round, long oval or square, take a look at our hairstyles for face shapes at Fringe Benefits.

hair-cut-pixi-cropShort hair cuts

Not sure whether a short and chic pixie crop will suit?  Get some expert advice from the Fringe Benefits team and sleep soundly knowing our skills and training means we eat, sleep and breathe precision cutting techniques.  Bobs, crops and chops can really enhance your features and face shape.

hairstyle-bobMedium length hairstyles

From tousled waves to poker straight locks, the mid length is versatile, easy to style and easy to maintain.  Perfect for the busy working girl who likes to wear it up for work and the gym and down for play and party.

Long hairstyles

There are so many possibilities with long hair.  Whether natural or styled with extensions, wear long hair loose for a happy hippy, grunge, bohemian look.   Braids, loose waves and subtle layers add to this ethereal style whilst formal styling using buns, beehives and complex braids keeps those with longer locks looking sophisticated and sharp.  Long may the long hair trend reign supreme!


Current hair trends, hair cuts and fashions

Here are a few of the latest hair fashions seen on celebrities and in magazines that our clients request regularly:

Blunt fringes – think Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian.  Nicole Kidman also made the news recently with her new blunt fringe.

Film-star glamour – think Dita Von Teese and the 50’s era.  With the whole country feeling patriotic and British this Summer we’re seeing a return of clients requesting hair cuts and hairstyles inspired by the vintage glamour look.

To book a hairstyle appointment at our hairdressing salon in Gloucester, contact Fringe Benefits and book your new hairstyle today.

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