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Novalash Eyelash Extensions at La Bella Beauty Salon, Gloucester

Extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes with Novalash Eyelash Extensions – a glamorous new way to extend your natural eyelashes – at La Bella Beauty Salon, Gloucester. At La Bella, we use only the best quality lashes and medical-grade adhesive from Novalash to give a glamorous, yet discreet look. A beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara!

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Achieve Thicker, Fuller Looking Lashes

false eyelashes at fringe benefits la bella beauty salon gloucesterThe lashes are meticulously applied and after the initial full set application, infills (not touch-ups) are required to replace any lashes which may have been shed and maintain your beautiful look every 3 – 4 weeks.

When applied properly, lash extensions will not harm natural lashes. The NovaLash application technique allows natural lashes to grow and thrive with extensions. This technique requires several different “separation” steps during the application process so each extension is adhered to a single natural lash in order to prevent interruption of the lash growth cycle.

How To Care For Your False Eye Lashes

false eyelashes at fringe benefits la bella beauty salon gloucester.jpg2Maximise the life of your Novalash Eyelash Extensions by conditioning every night. Cleanse your eyelash extensions free of any make-up or debris to maintain flexibility. your eyelash extensions free of tangles with a mascara brush is also recommended for gorgeous looking Eyelash Extensions.

Mascara is typically not needed with lash extensions – so you can wave a gleeful goodbye to the panda-eye! It should only be used when a touch-up is drawing near. Water-soluble mascara can be worn; however constant use of mascara may shorten the lifespan of lashes. Waterproof mascara is not recommended for use, as it will dissolve the bond with the lashes.

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