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The perfect Hair Colour at Fringe Benefits

Hair colouring services at Fringe Benefits hairdressing salon in Gloucester are delivered by our highly skilled and trained colouring team using all Redken professional hair colouring products.  The most advanced hair colouring techniques and professional hair colour methods are used on all our salon clients ensuring we deliver the best possible hair colour and individual hairstyle.

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If you’re new to Fringe Benefits or are thinking about changing your hair colour then please feel free to pop into our Gloucester salon for a free colour consultation with one of our hair colour experts.   This no-obligation consultation takes place in a relaxed environment and allows our hair designers to assess your hair in full.  We’ll also ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and discuss all the hair colour options that are suitable for you.  There are many hair colours to choose from so we will work together to decide upon something to suit your natural colouring and tone and discuss relevant hair colouring techniques that will achieve the perfect hair colour for you.


Fringe Benefits salon provides expert hair coloring services for both ladies and gents in Gloucester.   There are many techniques that we use to achieve the best hair colour possible.  Here are a few examples:

Highlights or Lowlights for your hair

hair-colour-salonOne of the most popular methods of changing the hair colour of our clients is by using foil highlights or lowlights.  Our expert professional hair colour technicians use this technique to create a hair colour that is an unique as you.  Mesh and Foil highlighting uses various amounts meshes/foils in different widths and volume placed individually changing colour, tone, shades and enhancing shine for a desired hair colour result.

Some of the options available to you for highlights and low lights include:

Sample foils / meshes – Using up to 8 foils, this method works well for those wanting to create a colour accent in one particular area (the fringe for example).  Even though only 8 foils are placed with this method, if used in a wider area, it can create a subtle natural effect and brighten your existing natural or pre-coloured shade.


Partial or half head foils – meshes – This technique involves your stylist using foils that are sliced, woven or placed on half the head or in one concentrated area.  This can be used to colour one whole section of hair for striking results or used round the crown to enhance natural or pre-coloured hair tones.

Full head foils / meshes– There are endless possibilities with this technique as sliced or woven foils colour the whole head of hair.  Intense and dramatic or understated and natural – the choice is yours!

Covering grey hair, root touch ups and all over full colour change

copper-lowlights-colourA complete hair colour change will always produce dramatic results.  Whether your goal is to cover grey hair, enhance, inject shine and depth into your own shade or colour your hair in full for a new, striking hair style then Fringe Benefits will create the right colour for you.

Permanent or semi-permanent colour – If you want a colour change but are apprehensive then a semi permanent colour may be the best choice for you.  Whether permanent or semi the carefully selected, and where appropriate, blended products will be expertly applied in sections, slices or over the full head of hair to ensure total and even perfect coverage.

Regrowth or roots – Maintaining your perfect colour is easy with regular root retouching.  Re-colouring root regrowth professionally will ensure that your hair retains the perfect colour and will also help your hair appear more vibrant, add shine and create depth.


Hair colour trends

At Fringe Benefits, we pride ourselves on training and educating our staff in all areas of hairdressing and barbering to ensure we are delivering the most up-to-date contemporary hair colour techniques and trends for our clients.  We compliment our personalities, fashion and individual style with our hair and hair colours so at Fringe Benefits we deliver cutting edge colour methods and technology for incredible contemporary colour transformations.

Redken Shades EQ Gloss– Intensify your colour, whether natural or dyed with a glass like shine that will add depth and leave hair looking healthy.  These semi permanent hair colours are very gentle and can cover grey hair, add shine, condition and tone to pre-coloured or natural hair.

Hi Fusion– These hair colours will really make you stand out with these dazzling and eye catching shades.

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Correcting colour problems

If you’ve ever suffered a colouring disaster you will know that it can be a distressing and anxious time.  It is extremely important to seek professional help as soon as possible when hair colour goes wrong.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just colour over the problem, this is usually not the case.  Our highly skilled and trained hair colour technicians are experts in correcting hair colour problems.  Call Fringe Benefits and let our team assess your hair colour problem right away.

Changing a hair colour –applying a new hair colour shade over the old one will not necessarily correct hair colour problems.  If your hair has been coloured, sun lightening, repeated washing, root regrowth and build up of colourant all affect the hair in different ways and in different sections.  The best way to correct hair colour is by seeking professional advice from Fringe Benefits.  Seeking help immediately will allow our hair colour experts to assess every section of your hair and prescribe the exact mix of tones and shades needed to restore your look.

Colour or shade imbalances– Dark bands of colour that have overlapped due to repeated colouring or correcting highlights that may have appeared too orange in tone are just two common types of hair colour or shade imbalances.  At Fringe Benefits, we resolve these types of hair colour problems on a daily basis.

Hair colour and dyeing disasters – Suffered a hair colour disaster?  Don’t suffer in silence and let Fringe Benefits help!  We are experts in this field and although hair colour problems can be complex, we are fully trained to correct colour issues.  When hair colour goes wrong, trust the expertise, experience and skills of our hair colour experts who will get your colour corrected quickly.

Our Consultation

Many of our clients at our hair salon in Gloucester regularly ask questions on the subject of hair colour, so our in-depth free Fringe Benefits Hair Colour Consultation answers these and other questions in full –

–         How long should I leave between hair colourings?

–         Will washing my hair frequently fade my hair colour?

–         Can you colour your hair safely whilst pregnant?

–         What products will ensure my hair colour lasts longer?

–         Does sunbathing and swimming affect hair colour?

And many more questions including detailed advice on your home maintenance programme so you and your new look stay looking fantastic longer.