Our favourite Oscars 2013 Hair Styles

The Hair Styles from the 2013 Oscars

oscar-featured-imageCatherine Zeta-Jones looked fantastic.  Catherine is well practised for the red carpet and it shows.  The actress wore a beautiful gold dress and wore her long dark brown hair in loose yet tidy waves.  Catherine’s 2013 Oscars Hair Style sits elegantly to one side displaying just how chic her and her hairstyle are.

Jennifer Hudson wore her dark hair straight and sleek which is very understated for her but a perfect combo for her thigh showing glitzy dress.  Jennifer’s hair has been transformed in length and weight with added hair extentions.  Jennifer really suits her blunt fringe which frame her small face and neverending cheekbones perfectly.

Reese Wetherspoon looked bright and young and very 50’s at the 2013 Oscars. Her golden blonde hair worn tidy in big waves was a very sleek and classic Oscars Hairstyle.  Very glamourous!



Anne Hathaway has longer hair every time we see her.  The pixie short crop is no more.  The length of Anne’s hair is a much more flattering and softer hair style.  The long swept fringe is very soft against Anne’s face and is less severe on the pale skin tone’d actress. Her medium brown hair colour is a classic and natural hair colour choice and suits Anne’s style well.

Charlize Theron wowed everyone.  Her super short honey blonde hair was complemented by her white peplum dress and tanned skin tone. Charlize looked radiant.

Halle Berry wore her hair a little ‘messy’. The loose hair style is very modern on Halle and allows her to change it up a little for the Oscars red carpet.  Halle can do no wrong when it comes to short hair, it would be sacrilage to hide those cheekbones behind hair! Halle’s dark brown hair is highlighted with some scattered light blonde highlights softening the hair colour.


Fatima Ptacek wore a very on trend tight ballet knot cupped in a braid for the Oscars.  This hair style was a great choice for the young actress.

Helena Bonham Carter opts for a high untidy upstyle.  Although we don’t like the wispy ends to the style we think the basis of the upstyle is great.  The tall messy beehive would be a great look on Helena if it was finished a little neater. There is only one lady who could pull off a messy beehive and that was Amy Winehouse herself!

Kristen Chenoweth wears her light blonde hair tightly up in a high bun.  This is a brilliant upstyle if your going from office to night out. But we also think it’s a gorgeous hair style for the Oscars and Kristen looks great.


Ben Affleck looks very dishy in his tuxedo.  Beards are huge for 2013 and Ben shows us how it should be done.

Daniel radcliffe thankfully HASN’T opted for a beard.  We say thankfully because we just can’t imagine it on the ‘Harry Potter’ Star. Daniel did look very handsome on the Red Carpet at the 2013 Oscars although a little more clean shaven than Ben but we think Daniel suits this look!  The hairstyle he adorns has more length on top and is shorter at the back and sides, this is very popular this season and is more suited to men who are after a ‘tidier’ look.

George Clooney has taken the beards trend to a new level.  Although he looks great we think he could do with trimming his facial hair just a little.  What do you think?