Party Hairstyles

Christmas & New Year Party Hairstyle Ideas from Fringe Benefits


At our hairdressing salon in Gloucester we have compiled our favourite party hairstyles that could be perfect and inspirational when it comes to Christmas Party Hairstyles, New Year Party Hairstyles, Wedding Hairstyles, Birthday Party Hairstyles and the perfect Prom Hairstyles.

Whatever the occasion, let us guide you through the best party hairstyles from classic to contemporary and everything in between.

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Waves and Big Party Hair

blow-2Injecting a bit of volume at the crown and waves throughout for this party hairstyle will ensure you look like you’ve just stepped off the red carpet at the latest Hollywood premiere!

Go for some natural looking waves and curls for your curly party hairstyle. This style can be achieved using a curling wand or tongs, ghd stying irons or heated rollers.  Simply run your fingers through your hair once you’ve curled to separate and let the waves drop before finishing the style with a spray of hairspray.




Bun Up Do Party Hairstyles

133Rock one of the easiest looks to recreate this party season.  This bun up do party hairstyle is perfect for when time is of the essence or perhaps you know the weather isn’t going to be the best!  (There’s no point ghd-ing your hair if there’s a storm brewing is there?).

Recreate this look by blowdrying hair and lifting at the root as much as you can.  Once dry, section the front off and using the hair from the middle of your crown, backcomb slightly.  Take the front section and pull over loosely securing all your hair into a ponytail with a hair band.  Twist the ponytail first in your hands clockwise and turn the twisted ponytail anticlockwise into a bun.  Secure with grips and spray with hairspray to hold this party hairstyle.  If your hair is shorter or fine, you might want to backcomb your ponytail slightly before twisting to create a bigger bun party hair style.

Ponytail Party Hairstyles

236A simple ponytail with some subtle touches can look ever so effortlessly glamorous.  Perfect for a quick transformation (we’re thinking office Christmas Party) and this looks super sleek on those with long straight hair.

To recreate this style use a bristle brush to gather the hair into a high ponytail.  You might want to use a comb over your hair after gathering to really smooth out the style and make it as sleek as possible.  Use hairspray before securing and run the brush back over the hair to ensure any straggly bits are all now in your hand ready to be secured with a hair band.  Once secured, take a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail.  Spray with a little more hairspray and smooth this hair down using your fingers.  Wrap this spray section of hair round the hairband and secure with hair grips.  Spray again where the hair ends and ensure you have enough grips to hold this makeshift ‘bobble’ of hair.  If your hair is layered you may need more grips to secure in place.

Hair Accessories for Party Hairstyles

2-22Hair accessories work wonderfully when it comes to glamming up your party hairstyles.  No matter what length your hair is and what style, there is always a perfect hair accessory to really add some glamour and sophistication to your party hairstyles.  We love this sparkly embellished hair accessory in Cheryl’s volumised curled under ‘fake’ bob.  It compliments the Grecian outfit she is wearing, mimicking the cut of the dress with her hair accessory being on one side and the embellished piping on her dress is complimented by her choice of hair accessory.

You can match your outfit to your hair by using hair accessories in a variety of colours to match your clothes, shoes and even handbag.  From hair bands to ribbons, clip in jewels to feathers there is always a hair accessory perfect for a party hairstyle.


Braids and Plaited Party Hairstyles

REDKEN-fishtail-plaitFlorence Welch has not only demonstrated how a hair accessory can transform your party hair but here she is also showcasing a subtle braid that acts as a perfect hairband for her party hairstyle.

Braids and plaits have been hugh on the catwalks all over the world in 2012 and the hair trend is set to continue right into 2013.  Simple, easy and elegant a plait or braid in the hair not only can be used to frame a hairstyle but this style is traditionally synonymous with youth so can take years off you!

If you haven’t already grasped how to recreate a fishtail plait, one of the most popular braiding techniques, ask your Fringe Benefits stylist on your next visit to take you through this really simple but striking braided party hair style.


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