I have been passionate about hairdressing from as young an age as I can remember and started my career at 13 in a local City Centre salon working every hour they could offer me. To reward my enthusiasm I was offered a full time position and completed a formal apprenticeship.

My first salon opened in 1989 and I have proudly never looked back!  In 2003 together with my husband and following a very well thought out design we renovated our current premises having out grown the much loved previous one.  This enabled me to indulge in my long standing passion and incorporate La Bella Beauty.

Hair and beauty remain my obsession and I love the products we work with and I believe all of our products, treatments and services are simply the best.

My continuing professed aim is to help everyone to look fantastic and give careful tailored advice to every client. I love working with my team and can honestly say I totally enjoy being around them!

When not working at the salon Marina is relaxing with her beautiful family in her ‘glamourvan’ or slaving away at a hot stove spoiling the rest of the team and clients with her simply delicious gluten free cakes!

Marina’s top tip – “Follow a tailored professional hair & skincare regime and look your best ever” I love all the ranges ask me anything as I use it all!