Up & Coming Hair Trends 2013

New Year Hair Style Ideas

So, it’s the final days of January 2013.  Are you still on the diet bandwagon?  Have you managed to quit your 10 a day habit? Did you honestly manage to get up early in time for work past January 5th?

No, us neither!

However one resolution we HAVE managed to stick to is to take care of our hair and revamp our hair style and hair colour in line with the very latest hair trends for 2013.  It’s most definitely one resolution we’ve enjoyed keeping!  If you’re thinking about a new hairstyle or hair colour this year then take a look at Fringe Benefits’ Guide to what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to 2013 hairstyle trends at our hair salon in Gloucester.

The Low Pony Tail Hairstyle

pony-4Long and low, that’s what you need to think about when adopting the low ponytail hairstyle trend this year.  Luscious locks need to be super long in length, super smooth and super shiny.  Think horses tail but with gorgeous bows, embellished accessories and wide loose hair bands to finish of the low ponytail hairstyles.  If your hair is naturally long and straight then this style is going to be so easy and versatile for you in 2013.  If your hair type requires a little more TLC to get the ultra smooth effect why not think about investing in the world’s leading straightening and styling irons – ghds or how about the ghd Air hairdryer?



The Slick Hair Trend

8Whilst the slick hair trend may look amazing on the catwalk we’re not so sure if all of the slick hair trend hairstyles featured here will look as good popping down to the shops or in that important board meeting at work.  So, take this one with a pinch of salt.  Some of these hairstyles are workable.  Slicked down side partings or the slick hair trend for sectioning a small area of hair off at the fringe could really rock a certain look in 2013, but be warned you want to create grungy glamour not grease!







The Natural Hair Trend

61Talking of grunge there, you could call the new move towards more natural looking hair trends as ‘grunge’.  Rock and roll waves created using damp plaits or twisted buns, loose and messy updo hairstyles and just letting it all hang naturally are the key to this natural hair trend in 2013.  Colours are natural and hair is effortless.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this natural grunge hair trend is low maintenance though, if your hair has a mind of it’s own then these hair styles will take a little more work when it comes to styling.







Ballet Buns, Plaits, Braids & Weave Hairstyles

braid-3We just LOVE the hair trend for buns, braids, plaits and weaves.  This hair trend is so young and youthful.  If you want a hairstyle to make you look younger then this is the hair trend for you!  We love intricate waterfall braids, plaits and braids that frame your face and hairstyle, plaits used as accessories, and ballet buns – well, what can we say?  Ballet buns are just the easiest updo hair style in the world! Why not try a bun ring and secure your hair around it to create height and volume for that perfect ballet bun hair style?

Knot Hair Trends

In 2012 the hair knot was worn sky high.  In 2013 the hair trend for knotted hair styles has seen the height of the knot travel south, primarily to around the nape area.  We’ve also noticed a few of the catwalks showcasing knotted hairstyles with angled pieces of hair styled upwards away from the knot to create a real futurist look.  Chignons, twists and accessories to enhance the knot hairstyle have all featured with the knot hair trend of 2013.  Which way will you wear yours?

The Micro Fringe

In 2012 we saw celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga take their fringes to new heights with the micro fringe hair trend.  In 2013, we’re expecting a rise in requests for short hair styles and the micro fringe.  Possibly inspired by the smash hit musical Les Miserables and in particular Ann Hathaway’s gripping and moving performance as Fantine (who is forced to cut off her very long hair and sell it to pay for her daughter’s care) we think Les Mis could really help put the micro fringe and short hair trend on the map!


2013 Hair Colour Trends

Pastel Hair Colours

Remember the craze for chalking your hair last year?  Well it seems it was not in vain!  The celebrities picked up on the fashion for chalky hair hues and the pastel hair colours started appearing in many a magazine, on catwalks and the Hollywood red carpets.  The 2013 pastel hair colour trend is expected to move towards a surge in requests for summery yellow pastel hair colours.  Think pastel daffodil yellows and cloudy lemonade pastel hair hues.


For more ideas on hair colour services in Gloucester take a look at our hair colour at Fringe Benefits.

The Ombre Dip Dye Hair Trend in 2013

Did you think the Ombre hair colour trend was on it’s way out?  Think again!  This recession proof popular hair colour technique has evolved and in 2013 the ombre dip dye hair trend has merged into the Bayalage hair colour trend.  Bayalage means ‘sweeping’ in French so expect just that – sweeping colour on sections of hair.  Bayalage hair highlighting is usually tackled with a special hairdressing paint brush.  Your expert hair colour technician will take sections of hair from around the face and from the mid point down to create a natural and sunkissed hair colour that will not require too much maintenance.  It’s perfect for people who want to leave a little extra time between colour applications. Here are some of our favourite bayalage highlights:

The Latest Hair Trends at Fringe Benefits

If you’re thinking of a brand new hairstyle for 2013 but don’t know where to start, make sure you book in for a one to cone consultation with one of our expert hair stylists and hair colour technicians who will guide you through the latest hair trends and help you adapt them to you as an individual.  Get in touch and book your next appointment today at our hairdressers in Gloucester.