Split End Repair Tips

How Best to Prevent Split Ends at Fringe Benefits Hair Salon in Gloucester

The experienced hairstyling team at Fringe Benefits hairdressing salon in Gloucester bring you their hassle-free top tips on how to prevent and repair split ends. Regular haircuts and hair treatments such as INNOluxe are definitely the best way to add strength and shine to even the most over-processed hair. 

Use a Leave-On Conditioner to Help Repair Split Ends 

More often than not we do not take time to apply heat protecting sprays and lotions to ou locks before we style. To help nourish and hydrate your hair the experienced hairstylists in our Gloucester hair salon suggest applying a leave-in conditioner to your locks. 

Invest in The Right Type of Conditioner for Your Hair Type

Hair that has split ends can often feel dry and brittle and lacking in moisture – at Fringe Benefits we highly recommend using a conditioner that repairs as well as hydrates your tresses. We stock a variety of top haircare and will suggest the most suitable ones for you.

Keep Your Hair In check by Using a Hair Serum 

Oils and serums are a great way in which you can smooth down rough ends and add shine to your hair.

They can be applied to the hair when it is damp to instantly detangle unruly locks and transform hair into glossy silky strands.

How to Stop Split Ends From Coming Back Advice From Fringe Benefits Hair Salon

Follow our 5 hassle free tips to maintain smoother, healthier-looking hair -

  • When you comb or brush your hair ensure that you never force the hair
  • Make sure you keep hair protected from the heat of the sun as this can weaken the hair shaft. 
  • Invest in regular haircuts to keep split ends at bay
  • Dry your hair gently – rough drying fluffs up the cuticles and can damage weak hair
  • Limit the use of heated appliances

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