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St Tropez Spray Tanning at Fringe Benefits Beauty Salon in Gloucester

St Tropez tanning experts at fringe benefits beauty salon in gloucesterEveryone feels better when they’ve got a bit of colour. And in these cold, dark months what better way to brighten up, then with a fake spray tan.

At Fringe Benefits hair and beauty salon in Gloucester, we offer The St Tropez Spray Tan Treatment which guarantees a flawless and streak-free finish, leaving you with a long-lasting bronzed glow.

This fake tan treatment is the quickest way to ensure that professional finish and it takes only a matter of minutes to achieve that natural and sun kissed look.

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Achieve A Gorgeous Golden Tan

spray tan is one method of using fake tan. The tan is sprayed onto the parts of the body that require tanning, using a tanning machine. A spray tan ensures a more flawless and even tan in comparison to traditional fake tan, which is rubbed or buffed on to the body. A spray tan avoids streaks leaving you with a perfect and even tan.

Just Some of the Reasons Why We Love St Tropez Spray Tans

Spray tanning is an incredibly popular way to get an amazing tan all year round, and with bronzing and fake tanning continually improving, spray tans have gained a credible reputation.  Benefits include:

  • It is a super-fast way to get a natural and streak-free tan;
  • Fake tan treatments contain vitamins and moisturisers that help to keep your skin in excellent condition;
  • A spray tan takes longer to fade and won’t wash off;
  • It will make you feel great about yourself!

Sun Tan vs Spray Tan

St Tropez tanning experts at fringe benefits beauty salon in gloucesterAs skin cancer has become more prevalent in the press, we have learned a great deal about sun tans and the true effects they have on our skin. We know that Vitamin D from natural sunlight is good for us, however, if your skin gains any colour from the sun, it is deemed as sun damage.

Premature skin ageing occurs as a result from exposure to UVA from the sun and if you become sunburnt, develop a heat rash of any sort of peeling, it is because of UVB rays, which are considered high-risk factors for skin cancer.

A spray tan is safer for your skin for the following reasons:

  • Spray tans and bronzing treatments do not contain UVA or UVB;
  • A bronzing treatment does not cause heatstroke, sunburn, heat rash or peeling;
  • A spray tan will help keep skin looking young and free from premature ageing;
  • Unlike the sun, any fake tan treatment will not dry out your skin.

Book Your St Tropez Spray Tan at Fringe Benefits La Bella Beauty Salon in Gloucester

To make sure your tan lasts for as long as possible and to ensure even skin cover, use these helpful tips prior to your treatment:

  • Exfoliate!  Pay particular attention to any areas where the skin is likely to become dry and the tan may stick, i.e. knees, elbows, ankles, heels;
  • Shave 8 hours before having the tan treatment or if you’re going to wax, please leave 24-48 hours between treatments;
  • It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothes. Wear flip flops and a dark-coloured swimsuit or bikini for the spray tan.

If you would like to book in for a full or half body spray tan, please call your local hair & beauty salon in Gloucester for that ultimate St Tropez Tan. Call us on 01452 311606 or bok online using the pop up at the side of the page.