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The Best Hair Extensions At Fringe Benefits Hair Salon, Gloucester

If you want to add more volume and length to your hair, or fancy changing the colour of your hair but don’t want to commit to permanent colour, consider weft hair extensions at Fringe Benefits hair salon in Gloucester.

Tailored to suit your personal needs our team of hair extension specialists will create a look that you are sure to love. 

The ideal choice for adding temporary hair extensions to create stunning special occasion hair for parties, proms and weddings. Luxe Weft is available in a variety of stunning colours and has a super-fine, ultra-flexible micro header, making them easy-to-apply and comfortable to wear. Your extensions can be worn for up to 4 weeks before being removed, re-conditioned, re-taped and re-applied.

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Do You Want Long Hair With Volume? Choose Racoon Weft Hair Extensions At Fringe Benefits Salon

Beautiful thick hair can be yours with the simple addition of hair extensions at Fringe Benefits. Our team of professional stylists can use weft hair extensions to transform fine, or thinning hair, add instant length to a shorter hairstyle or can add different colours and tones to your hair to allow you to easily change your look.

Weft Hair Extensions For Longer, Thicker Hair 

Available in a variety of lengths, your skilled hair extension specialist at Fringe Benefits will carefully and discreetly secure your hair extensions and cause no damage to your natural hair.  

Our Racoon weft extensions are fixed without glue, braiding or heat.  They will give you thicker, fuller and longer hair. Several rows are added until the desired length, volume & thickness is achieved.

Racoon wefts sit flat to the head and, with good care and maintenance, can last up to an incredible six weeks.  

What Products Should I Use On My Hair Extensions?

To keep your hair extensions looking in the best possible condition for longer, it is important you use the right after-care products.  Your hair extensions specialist will talk to you about how to look after your new hair extensions at home and suggest the right products for you.

How To Look After Your Hair Extensions – Advice From Top Gloucester Salon

Keep your hair extensions looking their best for longer with these top tips… 

  • To lengthen the life of your hair extensions it is advised not to apply heat over 160°. 
  • Before you go to bed add a plait to your hair to keep your hair extensions from becoming tangled.
  • Always dry your hair extensions thoroughly and within 30 minutes of then being wet, this is to prevent any movement of the wefts
  • Use hair oil to keep the ends of your hair moisturised and to help with discolouration from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Avoid adding hair products such as conditioner near the weft as they may cause movement.
  • Book in for regular hair extensions maintenance appointments at Fringe Benefits to keep your hair looking it’s best.

Before & After Racoon International Luxe Weft Hair Extensions

hair extensions before after racoon hair extensions at fringe benefits hair salon in Gloucesterhair extensions before after racoon hair extensions at fringe benefits hair salon in Gloucester

Why Is Fringe Benefits The Best Salon in Gloucester For Hair Extensions?

We use top brand Racoon who supply 100% ethically sourced hair extensions for an instant, glamorous look.

Book your complimentary hair extensions consultation at our hair salon in Gloucester and transform your look by calling 01452 311606. Remember to visit our salon offers where we have amazing hairdressing discounts in the Gloucester area.